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Research Programme

Siman Foundation's assembles  researchers from across Cambridge and other universities who are committed to enacting thoughtful change through interdisciplinary research geared towards the educational equality. 


Our  research programme  offers students an opportunity to work one-on-one with PhD mentors, providing research opportunities for six-form and college students through an independently-developed research project. This programme provides students with the resources to answer questions and get a leg up in applying to University. With the right questions and the essential tools to begin the necessary research, students can lend their minds to developing new and innovative concepts for highly-effective results. 

Why is this important?

One of our main aims is for students from underrepresented groups stand out for admissions. Ultimately, a thorough  research internship for students will allow students to stand out and shine during the University  admissions process, making university acceptance that much more achievable in the long run.

Research Areas

Here are some research areas students can possibly choose:

Image by Alain Pham

Chemical/ Information Engineering 

Image by Bret Kavanaugh


 Scales of Justice


Image by Karlis Reimanis


Image by Akin Cakiner


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Social Sciences

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